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deep2drive is an AI-powered multi-sensor device and a cloud-based app.   

The first d2d application brings a new approach for distant professional driver training during day-to-day operations. Next step is to provide our professional clients with d2d services for the expertise of the human and machine decisions and the prototyping of their operational projects of semi-autonomous urban driving projects. Finally, d2d will focus on retrofitting vehicles to guide and co-drive them remotely in sensitive driving phases. 

Our d2d hardware can be fitted into different types of road vehicles, especially light commercial and passenger vehicles, petrol or diesel, electric and hybrid. 
A list of compatibility will soon be available here.

d2d for fleet driver training all-in-one

Install d2d alternately during the year on your professional vehicles and perform different phases of driver training during their day-to-day operations with internal or external driver trainers. 
Equip each driver on an as-needed basis for a 4-week assessment on their daily routes with distant pretraining, in person training and remote post training for just what is relevant to each. 

d2d launch package: distant pretraining


•       Eco-efficiency and road risks 
•       50 drivers in 1 week 
•       A car* provided on your premises for the week 
•       An analysed route around your premises (appr. 6 km) 
•       A 30-minute trip per driver 
•       Distant analysis by an approved driver trainer 
•       Driver web app: video with localisation of mistakes and detected weaknesses 
•       Fleet manager web app: individual, aggregated, comparable evaluation results
•       Recommendations for individual targeted training sessions 

* a thermal, hybrid or electric car            

Product development

d2d for the prototyping of semi-autonomous urban driving projects

soon available for
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